Biryani & Rice Dishes


Medley of vegetables cooked w/ fresh Basmati rice


Succulent pieces of chicken blended w/ authentic herbs & masalas    


                   GOAT BIRYANI                      

     Goat (w/ bone) cooked w/ fresh basmati          rice,seasoned w/ fresh herbs & masalas


               LAMB BIRYANI                  

               Fresh lamb cooked on low w/

                 Basmati rice & masalas


     SHRIMP BIRYANI         

      Freshwater shrimp cooked w/ rice on a            low fire, seasoned w/ authentic herbs


             RASOI SPECIAL BIRYANI               

         Medley of chicken, lamb, & shrimp,                    marinated in our housemade

       sauce, cooked w/ fresh basmati rice, &                          aromatic spices

PLAIN BASMATI RICE                                                                     

VEG. FRIED RICE                                          Asian inspired rice dish w/ a medley of diced veggies

PANEER FRIED RICE                                    Homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked w/ veggies

EGG FRIED RICE                                            Fresh eggs scrambled style, finely minced

& served w/ a medley of vegetables